Michigan Soybean Yield Contest

Michigan Soybean Yield Contest

Increase soybean yields and profitability in Michigan.

Yield contest is open to all Michigan soybean farmers.

Be rewarded and recognized for high yields.

Contest class winners will be recognized at the Great Lakes Crop Summit.

It is generally agreed that 40% of the soybean yield is from management and 60% is from the genetics (variety). The checkoff funded Soybean Management and Research Technology (SMaRT) program is intended to address the 40% management.

One of the many components of the SMaRT program is the Michigan Soybean Yield Contest. While recognition of the top yield participants is important, a particular focus will be on recording the agronomic management skills of the top yields. Over many entries and years, we believe trends will be identified for management practices to attain higher yields.

How to Participate

Who is eligible to enter? All Michigan soybean farmers.

1 The fee per entry is $25 for all Michigan soybean farmers.

2 All farmers who complete the contest will receive the prizes listed.

3 Limit of two entries per farmer. Entry deadline plus entry fee must be postmarked on or before September 1, 2018.

4 Entries will be grouped by maturity. The six entry classes are Class A: Maturity 2.7 or later non-irrigated soybeans; Class B: Maturity of 2.7 or later irrigated soybeans; Class C: Maturity of 2.1 to 2.6 non-irrigated soybeans; Class D: Maturity of 2.1 to 2.6 irrigated soybeans; Class E: Maturity 2.0 or earlier; Class F: Non-GMO soybeans of any maturity.

5 A harvest form and complete contest rules will be mailed to interested farmers in late August. Harvest forms can also be printed directly from www.michigansoybean.org.

6 The minimum field size is five acres and the harvested area must be at least two contiguous acres. Only one entry per field is permitted.

7 Harvest must be witnessed by an MSU Extension educator, FFA advisor, lender, farm manager or other impartial witness. Seed, fertilizer or chemical company representatives may not sign the harvest form.


Ned Birkey
Spartan Agricultural Consulting


2018 Soybean Yield Contest Brochure (entry form)

2018 Soybean Yield Contest Harvest Form