The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee is dedicated to research for the Michigan soybean producers. The majority of the research is done with, but not limited to, Michigan State University and Michigan State University Extension offices.

Other organizations consist of Kettering University, Lenawee Soil Conservation District, Saginaw Valley State University, University of Michigan – Dearborn, North Central Soybean Research Program, the United Soybean Board, collaboration with other states and the National Biodiesel Board.

The majority of the budget is allocated to addressing production research needs. Appreciating research investments are not an end in itself, we then use various venues such as meetings, mailing, media, electronics, etc. to communicate the research results to our producer investors for use in making management decision for the next year’s soybean crop.

For information on collaborative research projects check the following:

Soybean Research & Information Initiative

North Central Soybean Research Program