Michigan Soybeans – Sustain the Legacy

Wilson Family - MI Soybean Farmers Planning for Sustainable Success-1
The Wilson Family (Sanilac County) - Michigan Soybean Farmers: Planning for Sustainable Success
Andy Welden - Sustainability Stories Looking Out for Legacy-1
Andy Welden (Hillsdale County) - Sustainability Stories: Looking Out for Legacy
Andy Welden - Driving Sustainability Perception Change-1
Andy Welden (Hillsdale County) - Driving Sustainability: Perception Change
John Burk - Sustainability Stories Innovation-1
John Burk (Bay County) - Sustainability Stories: Innovation

For as long as farmers have put seed in the ground, they’ve taken proactive measure to ensure the long-term viability of the practice. But not like today. Not like today’s Michigan soybean farmers, who are part of a galvanizing sustainability revolution.

According to the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, soybean farm sustainability is achieved through operational excellence in three key areas:

Economic Sustainability: Growing soybeans in a fashion that is profitable and can be replicated year after year.

Social Sensitivity: Paying close attention to the impact of farm practices on surrounding neighbors and the communities in which the farm operates.

Environmental Stewardship: Considering the environmental impact of each farming practice and improving those practices as appropriate.