Soy Biobased Products Programs


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The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee is helping Michigan state parks and forests go green.

The Soy Bio-based Products Program provides an opportunity for the park and forest service and farmers to work together to demonstrate the benefits of soy biobased products such as cleaning supplies, lubricants, sealers, penetrants and building materials.

Why bio-based?

Bio-based products have many benefits to humans and the environment:

  • Are lower in toxicity than petroleum products.
  • Perform similarly to their more toxic counterparts.
  • Reduce volatile organic compounds. VOC emissions pose dangers to human health and the environment both as indoor air pollutants and outdoor air pollutants.
  • Reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals as well as irritation from odors.
  • Are made from domestically produced, abundant, biodegradable, renewable resources that replace products made from petroleum, and help reduce demand for imported oil.

“Bio-based products are readily available, cost-competitive and perform as well or better than traditional products.”

-Chris Case; Retired Chief of Facility Management, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore