Market Development


Domestic Market Development

Through your checkoff dollars we promote soybeans and the many uses for this renewable resource.

Many products made from soybeans can be found at


The National Biodiesel Board in conjunction with the soybean industry have used their efforts to develop biodiesel and to continue to improve on the technology for this renewable energy source. Biodiesel helps us to be less dependent on foreign oil and is cleaner burning. For more information visit

National Biodiesel Education Program

MI Biodiesel Retailer
Address City Phone Blend(s)
Al Parsch Oil & Propane 5923 Imlay City Rd. Imlay City 810.724.6425 B6-B20
Cass City Oil & Gas 6407 Main St. Cass City 989.872.2065 B6-B20
Co-Alliance LLP 16721 S. US131 Schoolcraft 269.679.5226 B20
Cooperative Elevator 7211 E. Michigan Pigeon 989.453.4500 B6-B20
Corrigan Oil 9050 Michigan State Rd. Manchester 734.428.8366 B20-B99
Corrigan Oil Co. 775 N. 2nd St. Brighton 810.229.6323 B20
Crystal Flash Energy 1760 Alpine NW Grand Rapids 616.361.0999 B5-B20
Fairgrove Oil & Propane 1788 Main St. Fairgrove 989.693.6600 B6-B20
Harmon Oil 6696 Beech St. North Branch 810.688.3575 B6-B20
Loves Travel Stop 9790 Adams St. Holland 616.772.3101 B5
Marlette Oil & Gas 2875 Main St. Marlette 989.635.7559 B6-B20
Michigan Petroleum Technologies 3030 Moak St. Port Huron 810.982.2811 B6-B20
Phillips Oil Co. 5567 Trembley St. Decker 989.635.7844 B6-B20
Applebee Oil & Propane 603 East Steel St. Johns 989.834.2828 B20
Flying J Blend with B10


Biodiesel videos:

Biodiesel 101:

Growth of the Industry:

Biodiesel Frequently Asked Questions:

Best Practices for Storage, Handling & Use of Biodiesel:

Non GMO Soybean Varieties

Soybean research at Michigan State University (MSU) is a collaborative effort between the MSPC and Michigan State University‚Äôs AgBio Research. Intended outcomes from such investments are:

  • non-GMO food- and feed-grade variety development
  • modified soybean oil variety development
  • germplasm development for addressing production challenges unique to Michigan

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Soy Aquaculture Involvement

MSPC is working with the Soy Aquaculture Alliance and the U.S. Export Council on the promotion of soy in marine and freshwater fish feeds. With fish out producing beef globally and the lack of fish meal due to over fishing, soy is a renewable fishmeal resource necessary to meet the demand of the growing middle classes globally and their demand of fish and well as other animal proteins.

International Market Development

International Marketing programs are intended to invest in activities specific to Michigan produced soybeans. While appreciating all exports reduce the total national supply, we know Michigan produced soybeans are unique in characteristics and need their own identity.

Soy Transportation Coalition (STC)

STC is a collaborative effort of different soybean states working together on transportation issues that face the industry from roads, bridges, rail and water. Our national infrastructure needs shoring up to be competitive and STC is working to bring light to challenges and work on finding solutions.

U.S. Soy Export Council (USSEC)

USSEC gives additional help to an established market with technical assistance to further promote the use of U.S. soybeans. Through a global network of international offices and strong support in the U.S., USSEC helps to build a preference for U.S. soybeans and soybean products, advocate for the use of soy in feed, aquaculture and human consumption, promote the benefits of soy use through education and connect industry leaders through a robust membership program. MSPC is an active member and involved with multiple projects globally.

World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH)WISHH Logo new vector

MSPC is supportive of WISHH and we congratulate them for having recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. WISHH focuses technical transfer and behavior change efforts on weak links in the agricultural value chains, fueling economic growth with U.S. soy and improving nutrition for both humans and animals.