Soybean Promoter Program



The Soybean Promoter Program is designed to promote soybeans, soybean products and soybean program information to farm and non-farm families throughout Michigan. The key objective of the Soybean Promoter Program is to expand Michigan’s soybean representative base to reach more Michigan consumers at the local level. The more promoters we have promoting the importance of soybeans, the more opportunities we fulfill in getting our messages out. A soybean promoter is an individual with a passion for agriculture. There is no age limit; however, a soybean promoter must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Spouses are included in all aspects of the program, and the knowledge gained is beneficial in any setting.

What it’s about:

Soybean promoters will expand their knowledge of soybeans, strengthen their leadership skills, network with people in their community, inform soybean farmers of current soybean information and communicate the importance of soybeans to consumers. Each soybean promoter is a representative of the MSPC for at least one year; however, there is no time limit for participating. Each soybean promoter is able to participate for consecutive years as desired and may resign at any time. Each soybean promoter will be expected to attend local or statewide events to display a soybean exhibit, attend meetings, and/or interview with local media, if desired. When chosen to represent the MSPC, each soybean promoter must attend at least one MSPC approved training workshop during their first year. Each soybean promoter must complete an event form for proper reporting of each event, meeting, or interview, and submit it to the MSPC to earn rewards.

A soybean promoter will gain professional development through training sessions and telling his/her farm story to the public. A soybean promoter will develop a great network and camaraderie with others in Michigan and build friendships which last a lifetime. Participants will earn rewards by attending each exhibit, meeting or media interview. Soybean promoters must work their designated shifts in order to earn these rewards. To be included in the rewards program, all required forms must be submitted to the MSPC office within 30 days of the event. Points may be redeemed at any time during the fiscal year. Unused points may be carried over to the following fiscal year. Redeemable prizes range from an MSPC hat, soy-based blanket, soy-based polo shirt, to reimbursement to attend national events such as the National Farm Machinery Show and Commodity Classic.

How to get involved:

Click here to download a soybean promoter application and call Noelle at the soybean office with questions: 989.652.3294.

Next steps:

After submitting your completed application, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the soybean office with your status as a soybean promoter for Michigan.