Ag Leader Source


Soybean organizations across the U.S. recognize the critical role volunteer leaders play in their organization’s success and recognize it is vitally important to identify and develop current and future volunteers to lead their state and national organizations. State and national organizations have traditionally done board development independently from each other, and it has been identified to have a long-term board leadership development program that could be customized for each organization … thus the creation of Ag Leaders Source (ALS) training modules in 2014.

What it’s about:

ALS is a three-tier effort.

  1. Prospective/Recruiting Board Members – Identify and increase prospective board member’s knowledge of the soybean industry and nonprofit good governance practices.
  2. New Board Members Program – Effectively orient new board members by establishing a baseline knowledge and information on their particular organization structure, governance and the roles and responsibilities required to be an effective board member and leader.
  3. Current Board Members Program – Further develop skills and knowledge in the areas of exceptional board practices and soybean industry programs.
How to get involved:

Michigan soybean farmers who are interested in participation in ALS may contact Gail Frahm, Michigan soybean executive director at 989.652.3294 or by email at to discuss involvement in this dynamic multi-tiered program.

Next steps:

After visiting with the executive director, together you will determine your level of interest in soybean leadership development and where within the tiers your involvement will begin. The tiers include online webinar training modules to work through for appropriate knowledge building.