Checkoff Program

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Michigan elevators, grain dealers and seed handlers are one of the most important keys to the Michigan soybean checkoff program. They collect the soybean assessment from the farmers and send to the MSPC office. Without their cooperation the program would not be the success it is today.

If a first purchaser is interested in submitting the soybean checkoff to our office electronically, please contact our office.

Remittance Form

If you are having trouble working with the forms, update your Adobe Reader to the current version.

There is an Organic Exemption forĀ organic soybean farmers. Please see Organic Exemption Qualifications for more information.

Under the federal soybean checkoff program implemented September 1, 1991, first purchases of seed stock are subject to the SOYBEAN PROMOTION,RESEARCH, AND CONSUMER INFORMATION ACT AND ORDER, administered by the United States Department of Agriculture. Click here for more information.

The Michigan state soybean checkoff began in 1976, click here to see the checkoff timeline.

For more information regarding the Checkoff program see Remittance Questions and Answers.